About EPIcA

Modernize Your Library Experience

EPIcA is the most innovative and modern service platform that has come to optimize library resources, increase user accessibility and provide better conditions for scientific and academic production. Promote new and more impactful knowledge experiences in your institution.

Reduce Your Operating Costs

With EPIcA platform solutions, you get the best of both worlds: reduce your operating costs while boosting your performance. With EPIcA you get much more functions, with much less wherewithal, as you will have access to the most advanced technologies to manage your library.

Make Assertive Decision Making

With the EPIcA platform, you will be able to generate data and analysis safely and automatically. By thoroughly understanding the use of your resources, it is simpler to make strategic decisions, make budget forecasts, and identify which areas of knowledge require more or less investment.

EPIcA will revolutionize the way you manage your library

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